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Australian Chinese. 18. Multifaceted diamond on most days. Sour milk on others. Lover of the arts, fashion, design and anything creative. Inspiration includes literature, photography, music and mixed culture. Great believer of retail therapy and a first class procrastinator. Insane Seinfeld junkie. Avid STU/Large fan. Layout whore. Slave to the wage and crazy chocoholic. Currently an undergrad. striving for her Combined Commerce/Law degree @ University of Sydney.

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through the passage of time

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au revoir encore.
123th day of 2004
it starts and ends with you.

now that everything between us is cut and strewn across the floor- broken debris left to be forgotten.....
this blog no longer serves a purpose.

perhaps some time in the future, i will come back- when it's safe for our lives to cross path again....

but for now, it's a goodbye.

official hiatus people. thanks to anyone to ever read this :)
many muahs go to limey, mr.just-in, zac, steve, jez, jes and fish ninja.

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last-minute pull-outta-ass job #2.
119th day of 2004
the heavy book-laden bag falls against the table legs, the shoes come off- one and then the other and as she collapses effortlessly on the couch, the unusually jittery stress levels finally plummet down to its normal stratum.

tis good to be back and look! im still sane.

nehoos, a lil recap of the hectic night/morn:
spent the entire of yesterday working on law assignment and procrastinating
(the latter activity taking up majority of the time)
spent the entire of last night working on law assignment and procrastinating
(once again, guess what i was caught doing :P)
finally the clock hits midnight and as i'm staring at my screen with the wordcount of 1000 casting evil little glares back at me, the stress alarm in my head goes off and the sirens are blasting out YOU'RE SO FUCKING SCREEEEEWED QING at full volume.
from then it was a hard toll into dawn. waaaaay not cool. especially when the assignment was still not complete. (can anyone say bloodyfrickinhell?!)
eventually gave up somewhere around 4am.
gave that someone their promised call and yabbered on the phone for while before finally closing those droopy lids and falling into sweeet sweeet sleep.
the plan was to get up at 7am to finish the rest of the assignment off, get to uni half an hour before deadline and return back to sanity.
obviously my alarm clock decided i had being a bad girl and decided to do some serious ass-kicking.....

my planned wake up time of 7am was delayed til 9am because i had miraculously managed to slumber through SIX ALARMS- a standard which is borderline ridiculous even for a girl who loves sleep as much as her dearly belov'd fridge.

i jumped out of bed pronto- because with 2 hours less time, those sirens in my head were only blaring louder.
finally got everything down pat by 10.45am and was much relieved when i got to click that beautiful PRINT button.

but no!! it wasn't ok for just my alarm clock to be evil, the printer decided to join in too and conveniently ran itself out of black ink. And by that time, i was honestly about to break down and smash something. lack of sleep often does that to me.

anyways, eventually figured i should simply highlight everything, change the colour to dark navy and then reprint the documents using the colour cartridges.
while the printer retired to its usual obedient state, i dashed into the bathroom for a world-record shower. 17 minutes- and thats including conditioning as well!
i was impressed.

rushed out of the home, demanding mother dearest to give me a lift because oh look! i only have 25 minutes to get to uni. *panic panic panic*
the thought - i didnt work this fucking hard to lose a mark for a late assignment- rushed through my head, followed closely by damn karma! you better be on my side today!!!

got to Old Teachers College with 2 minutes to spare and was forced to run all the way down to Law Counter- only to find that there was a huge line and everyone was handing their assignment in last minute as well.

Spent the lunch, drifting between sleep and law readings. And to be honest, i was really too tired to feel either the relief or euphoria.
All that was on my mind was my pillow.

Anyways, went through 2 hours of gruelling legal questioning. Judicial selection and legitimacy. oh what joy -___- just what i've always wanted to know.
Then! had to drag sorry ass to AYBC to support a friend and help him get Secretary position (help, of course, meaning 'bribed voting'). Got to the actual society meeting and found it be a total political battlefield. Scary ass shit as ex-president shot nasty questions at current president and vice versa.
but hey! at least the bitchiness kept me awake.

Got home at 7pm after dropping by Office Works to get aforementioned empty black ink cartridge and yes.....so here i am.

but this happiness shalln't last long. Accounting exam of significant weighting is on friday and guess whose gonna be enduring a few more of those all-nighters.....


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118th day of 2004
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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where will we be tomorrow...
116th day of 2004
let's have one more beer
and i'll tell you something
don't laugh
i think you're beautiful

Him: an elusive figure whose prescence always seems to wax and wane through time, whose actions are still hard to predict because despite all the fragile hints, she remains addled in this mist of mystery.

Her: a hopeless romantic, who is wondering where this path will take them and how long this meandering road will go on for. Just where is that end? Just where is that beginning?

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awww ain't that cute
109th day of 2004
Taken from here , are just some of the 437 questions preschoolers ask everyday...

- Why is that lady fat?
- When will I be older than you?
- Why is there pizza?
- How does Santa Claus know where new babies live?
- What time is zero-thirty?
- If cats wore clothes, would our cat wear a dress or pants?
- Why do we have to sleep? (fish ninja's childhood question :p)
- Would you still know me if I didn't have the same name I have?
- Does God have a belly button?
- I wrote these letters. What do they say? R-T-N-Z.
- What is Tuesday?
- How many Band-Aids is too many for one cut?
- If I was an ant, how long would it take me to walk around my bed?
- What is the opposite of ice-cream?
- Do chocolate chip cookies know they look like pieces of poop?
- Do squirrels like horses?
- How many toes do all the monkeys in the world have?

hehe and my favourite;
- Why is my left knee saltier than my right one?

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night prowl
102th day of 2004
it's 3:45 in the morning
and I'm putting myself on warning
for waking up in an unknown place
with a recollection that’s half erased
looking for somebody's arms to
wave away past harms

He and I walked out and sat side by side in front of the dark expansion of velvety black.

Outside, the world had already sunk.
The city lights twinkled in the far distance like crisp, freshly-polished stars and illuminated the heavens in a brilliant array of warmth. The 4am sky had darkened into a deep sea-washed blue;- this magical, seamless mergence into the harbour.

It was a nostalgic wall dappled with small erratic specks of the flickering lights. The air slowly chilled and we were left feeling the soft ripples of the spring wind blow up against our backs.

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